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Brian is a Digital Design and User Experience Executive with 12+ years experience building and leading powerful teams that design large scale yet simple interactive solutions for people to enjoy. He excels in refining chaos into finely-tuned high profile products.

Currently employed by the awe inspiring Google. Brian is working on making your life easier and more joyful.

As Vice President Digital Design @ Fox Broadcasting Corporation, Brian defined and implemented digital design strategy for FOX Networks Group.

Previously at Yahoo! Brian lead the first major redesign of in 2006 and lead design for Yahoo! Originals launching original products such as MTV Movie Awards "UGC Move Spoof" and The Yahoo! Talent Show. At Frog Design Brian lead projects for Magellan (Handheld GPS), Wily (J2EE application server management software), Sun Microsystems and Disney. At General Motors Design Center Brian worked with the Cadillac team on the Evoke concept.

Independently Brian has worked with such notable clients as: David Carson (The End Of Print), AIGA, United Way and The University of Michigan.

His goal is to continually better how media is created, distributed and consumed.

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• Design is not part of the process. It is the process.
• Listening is only an asset if you understand
• Questioning everything is wonderful if you contribute to the answer
• Your value is derivative of what you share not what you hold back
• Data is beautiful like magic
• Design is not limited to designers
• Good design makes everyone look better
• Breaking it is the quickest way to make it better
• Risks are safe

• Art challenges technology and technology inspires art. – John Lasseter
• The less confident you are, the more serious you have to act. – Tara Ploughman / Paul Graham
• Saying yes is an act of courage and optimism; it allows you to share control. Yes expands your world. – Improv Wisdom by: Patricia Ryan Madison
• One of the most profound transformations we can learn from games is how to turn the sense that someone has ‘failed’ into the sense that they haven’t succeeded yet – Tom Chatfield
• When technology delivers basic needs, user experience dominates – Don Norman
• Many big people were chasing me. I didn't know what to do. So I thought I would surprise them and throw it. – Garo Yepremian, Miami placekicker, after a disastrous attempt to throw a pass in the Super Bowl.
• You can't think and hit at the same time. – Yogi Berra, after his manager told him to stop swinging at balls out of the strike zone. Then he said, "Yogi, next time you're up, think about what you are doing." With that piece of advice in mind, Yogi then struck out in three pitches.